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Mar. 23rd, 2017 02:11 am
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The notorious Jacob Frye isn't here at the moment, so leave him something nice to look at.
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backtagging most of the time! i usually close around 3 weeks unless it's something we've plotted ahead of time/is a psl
threadhopping sure! let me know
fourthwalling ehhh not really
offensive subjects no noncon in sexual situations


physical contact The big guy's got no problem with anything ordinary. He might be awkward with hugs and god help you if you kiss him.
romance He's a very confused bisexual baby, boys and girls. I don't imagine he's had much experience in the dating pool of either areas, and the gay side was literally illegal in his time period. He'll return flirts uncertainly and laugh it off. You'll have to get it through his thick head pretty bluntly if you want to try and date him, established friends or not.
fighting Jacob will probably fight anything that moves so long that it's fair and willing. If your character's being an especially terrible person, he won't care about the latter.
injuries or death Yep! Talk to me about death, though.
manipulation Go for it, but ask me if there's any question of what will work. Ex: turning against other established cr.
timeline This journal is for his early 20s. Another one will be made for 40 year old regretful father.

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Jacob Frye

Assassin's Creed

rough and ready



Mar. 23rd, 2017 12:28 am
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01. Wrecking Ball ✗ Mother Mother
03. Dangerous Man ✗ Little Dume
04. Champion ✗ Ill factor
05. Believer ✗ Imagine Dragons
06. Shots ✗ Imagine Dragons
'clean and simple' design by mistojen
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Player name: Keely
Contact: [plurk.com profile] meganerd
Characters currently in-game: N/A

Character Name: Jacob Frye
Character Age: 21
Canon: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
Canon Point: Post-Game, Pre-Ripper DLC

History: Iiiit's a wiki link.

Personality: Jacob Frye is a determined young assassin that barrels through where grace is needed. In peace, Jacob is an encouraging, warm individual chasing fun with only the cost of coin and pride at the end of the day. In conflict, Jacob leaves spilled blood and nearly-wrecked economies in his wake.

Growing up in a strict environment enforced by a previously absent father, Jacob rebelled where his twin sister, Evie, excelled. When duty was expected, Jacob frequented the mischievous activities his home had to offer. He grew impulsive and resistant to criticism, as he felt (and still tends to feel) his accuser has no right to judge. He hadn't taken steps forward so much as giant leaps, for better or worse to them both.

Present-day Jacob does not have a success story of developing any of these things. Though ultimately his decision to set forth lead to the freeing of London, his issues are never properly addressed over the course of their work. He struggles under the waning attention of his sister. His rebellious behavior leads him to act without thinking of consequences, but on a grander scale with a greater cost. 

In the face of these consequences, Jacob continues to carry himself with a cheeky grin and a smart remark before he's out the door. He busies himself with gang wars, fight clubs, stealing cargo, and his next target rather than properly confront any underlying problems. When confronted by Evie, he does not apologize for any of his actions out of preexisting stubbornness and the fact his sister did not care to know any details of his life beyond his mistakes.

Despite the building frustration between them, Jacob ignores tensions to throw himself into associate work and assassinations. He does not address his resentment towards his father and his favoritism, nor his sister's increase of patronizing his work during a decrease of any actual attention for him. Jacob only admits things to himself, and while he's admitted he may need more caution moving forward, it is said offhandedly and never discussed with anyone else.

However, Jacob is not made up of all his faults. Though he can't hold a serious conversation, he does not take his anger out on anyone undeserving. Jacob may be brash and unyielding, but he isn't short-tempered. He makes genuine efforts to relieve tension with wit and jokes made in good fun and not at any serious expense. He teases his sister for her obvious fondness for their partner, Henry Green, even if what lies beneath it is fear and anger that he's losing her time in some effort to impress him.

He lacks in development in admissions, but less rocky relationships with others visibly blossoms. To those he has no qualms with, he's engaging and encouraging. He bestows nicknames, teasing but also praising what they bring to the table and gradually considering them friends. His gang members may be tools to gain prominence, but they know him by first name and willingly put their lives on the line with a simple call. When Jacob first arrived to London, he describes himself as "firm but fair." Despite the doubt from his sister, he follows through quite well.

Behind his guise of it and sarcasm, Jacob seeks for someone to understand him when the only person consistently at his side no longer has time for him.  Jacob's motivation is tested frequently with the same results. He has every opportunity to grow bitter through partnerships where his former associates have either been deceitful and/or turn out to put innocent lives on the line for their cause.

Admittedly or not, his father's upbringing has cemented his values. Jacob is motivated by freedom in everything he does, and enforces that if it is at the cost of someone's life, it will only be by those obstructing it. Despite his good nature being taken advantage of, he starts from scratch with each new encounter out of his desire to make friends. Jacob does not bend, only breaks, and it takes a great weight to even crack the surface.


Baron Jordane's Finery: There isn't anything special about these, but noteworthy simple for the fact has many pouches for ammunition and any other goods. Also: It's fancy.

- Legendary Assassin Gaunlet: A gauntlet equipped with a hidden blade, grappling hook, and a holder for hallucinogenic darts. He will not be carrying darts over with him, so it will just be the blade and hook. Both are susceptible to breakage and he is not capable of putting them back together himself.

- The Mars: What it says on the tin. This is the highest rated gun for completing loyalty with Ned Wynert.

- Serrated Death: Also what it says on the tin. Yet another gift from Ned Wynert.

Abilities: Jacob has been trained in various forms of combat since his early childhood. Not only is he a champion in hand to hand brawls, he wields the following with deadly accuracy:

- Hidden Blade: Like all assassins before him, Jacob has been trained to use the hidden blade. He can jump from great heights, and if the target is not already dead from breaking the fall, will thrust it into their necks and/or heads. He mostly uses this weapon in stealth kills of the like, but has been known to use it as a finishing move in close combat if he is able.

- Grappling Hook: Provided his hidden blade is equipped, Jacob grows efficient in creating zip lines throughout his canon. If this were broken, he is capable of reaching the same distances so long as climbable. (Ex: Hadriel's spires)

- Brass Knuckles: This is Jacob's favorite weapon. Since he already packs quite the punch without them, he wields brass knuckles for more brutal takedowns. They're more likely to be used in altercations on the streets than instances where the hidden blade would be used.

- Revolvers/Pistols: Jacob favors these over any throwing knives he might carry. He has equal potential to fire with deadly accuracy as he is to miss every shot, depending on the situation.

- Kukri Blade, Cane-Sword, Throwing Knives, Darts & Bombs: These are not Jacob's weapons of choice, but he is not unskilled in using them. Jacob strikes as ruthlessly with a longer blade as he would a punch, and though it tends to take more time, he is capable of throwing knives and shooting poisoned darts with above-average accuracy. He tosses a grenade of any kind with the accuracy of most with a far throw.

In addition to his skills in... well, murder, Jacob's training has lead him to be an excellent free-runner and climber. As previously mentioned, he has dropped from great heights to make assassinations, as well as returning to ground level after surveying the land. He's skilled in eavesdropping and pick pocketing, though he does not practice them often as an aggressive approach.

Lastly, Jacob possesses the sixth sense Eagle Vision. When in use, he sees what people and objects are in relation to him by color. It heightens all senses of the user, allowing them to hear conversations, movements, and in some cases predict their next move from a reasonable distance, both out in the open or through walls. Evidence suggests that these are determined by instincts, as it can miss those who are threats to the user if they are not aware of their motivations.

Flaws: Jacob can be made into a wrecking ball. His "shoot first and ask questions later" attitude, while effective, has been taken to point his weapon at the wrong target. His lack of judgement calls and research into individuals can send him ruthlessly murdering someone for a person he later realizes does not have the same freedom-for-all intentions he does. Criticisms of his way of doing things can propel him into doing them harder with little regard for anything but to prove he isn't incompetent. Essentially, his stubbornness can lead from bad to worse, and unless he's forced to stick around, he won't watch what unfolds as result. 

Action Log Sample: Right here.


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